Trump’s Comey Firing Looks Political

As Trump seeks a replacement FBI Director, the media is deciding who deserves the blame for the fall of James Comey, given that he had earned the enmity of the establishment on both sides of America’s political playing field. While Democrats complained about Trump’s firing of the man in charge of investigating the administration’s ties to Russia, Republicans were equally agitated by his failure to hold Hillary Clinton criminally responsible for creating a private server which was used to hold sensitive files related to her presidential campaign. However, the most serious casualty of the Comey dismissal may be the ability to conduct impartial investigations of political leaders.

Is Trump playing partisan games in firing of FBI Director James Comey?

Trump Explores Multiple Paths to Find New FBI Director

Insiders say that there are a few front runners in the race to fill the position vacated by James Comey after he was notified by the President that his services were no longer required. About a dozen people are going through the interview process, from a wide range of backgrounds. Some, such as Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher and Acting Director Andrew McCabe have a long history of service with the Department of Justice. Others, such as Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn and former Representative Mike Rogers, have more of a political background, which may come in handy, given the shifting nature of the position.

Comey’s Investigations Began with the Democrats

The level of partisanship displayed throughout Comey’s investigations has led many experts both within the United States as well as abroad to question if America still has the moral authority to weigh in on internal political concerns in other countries. This is particularly ironic because Comey first came under scrutiny for his appraisal of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Following a report by the New York Times in 2015 which brought to light classified information that had been kept separate by the then Secretary of State, Comey eventually ruled that prosecution was not warranted, although the actions by Clinton and her staff showed that they “were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Clinton Blamed Comey for Election Loss

While the initial investigation had minimal impact on Clinton’s presidential campaign, Comey resurfaced less than two weeks before the election to say that new emails had come to light that required further review. Hillary Clinton and her associates would later point to this episode as being pivotal in pushing Donald Trump ahead in the electoral college vote. At this point, many Democrats began to call for Comey to be dismissed from office. However, President Obama apparently felt that Comey remained a strong independent voice for reining in potential conflicts of interest, particularly in terms of the ongoing investigation of President-Elect Donald Trump and his entourage that the FBI director was conducting.

Comey Investigated Trump Conflicts of Interest

The Trump investigations were primarily intended to flush out the relationship between Russia and members of the Trump campaign. Comey’s handling of the questioning inevitably led to calls of bias from Republicans, despite findings which ultimately led to the resignation of Trump’s first pick as National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Flynn had failed to disclose his meetings with a senior Russian diplomat during the campaign. Comey was also instrumental in disclosing business deals between the family business which employed Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Russian entrepreneurs, several of whom had strong ties to Vladimir Putin. Eventually Kushner gave up his active role in the family company to avoid any hint of impropriety.

Trump Concerned About Russian Hacking Allegations

However the most serious of the charges being investigated by Comey that impacted the Trump administration was the allegation that Russian hackers interfered with U.S. elections, mainly to give Trump an advantage over Hillary Clinton. Earlier this month, intelligence agency officials reaffirmed that several information leaks, such as the hacking and release of thousands of Democratic National Committee files in early 2016, were intended to sway public opinion away from Clinton and towards Trump. While Trump said in his letter removing Comey from office that Comey was unable to effectively lead the FBI, several experts have concluded that Trump was primarily concerned with ongoing investigations making his election seem questionable.

How Does the Comey Firing Affect Trading

Public opinion is divided regarding the Trump’s right to fire a government employee tasked with running an ongoing investigation of the office of the President. This has led to uncertainty regarding the strength of America’s dedication to being politically transparent. As the world’s strongest example of democracy, this moral agency is what allowed the U.S. to pursue its role as the world’s “policeman”. This will likely lead to a drop in the dollar, as the global markets look to see whether the country can regain its reputation. Additionally, the uncertainty encourages gold sales for use as a safe haven.